Why use a travel advisor

Virtuoso Travelers’ Testimonials: Why use an Advisor?

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  Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor? You may even think “Is there any difference?” We can tell you there surely is a big difference! Connections are everything when you are looking for the perfect resort....

Belmond Spa & Active Adventures in Italy and Mallorca

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  Would you like to go? Ask our travel specialists for the best deals and perks!
Virtuoso winner 2016

Virtuoso Travel Dreams winner 2016

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Do you live your travel dreams? Wake up! Wake up and do it! Heaven on Earth is the winner of Virtuoso Travel Dreams 2016 shot by Canada-based Tyler Cave. The video shows stops in Europe, Indonesia, and the Bahamas. It’s your time to live your travel dreams!
Travel the world

Open yourself up to the story of you!

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What would it be to take a DNA journey to discover your cultural heritage? We are more interconnected to each other than we probably imagine. Open yourself up to the story of you! Now, would you like to travel to all those beautiful places you belong to? We can help! Video...
Plan your next trip with Lake Forest Travel

The 7 wonders of Virtuoso travel advisors

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It’s that time of the year when people and places come together in a state of wonder, relaxation and mindfulness. You start thinking of unknown territories willing to explore each and every corner of the world. There are so many options and lands to be seen, and so little time to...
Travel Freedom

I am the World. I am Travel.

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I should like to rise and go where golden apples grow where in sunshine reaching out Eastern cities miles about, and rich goods from near and far hanging for sale in the bazaar. Where among the desert sand, some deserted cities stand with all its children: pauper and prince grown...
Windstar Cruises

What better way to explore the world than by cruise?

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We live in an awesome world with tropical islands, enchanted coast lines and story books villages with wonders beyond compare. What better way to explore it all than by yacht? Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of small luxury cruise ships known for its intimate yacht style...
Happiness Fiji

Where will happiness find you?

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Remote island getaways. Ancient rituals with dance and drink. High-speed adventures. And the warmest people on Earth. This is Fiji, where happiness finds you. Fiji offers a lifetime of exploration consisting of more than 300 islands. Contact your Lake Forest Travel Virtuoso...
Travel guide Europe

The Virtuoso Traveler’s Guide: Best of Europe

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SEE EUROPE LIKE A LOCAL.  Strolling a favorite beach promenade in Dubrovnik. Fly-fishing on a river in Ireland’s County Kerry. Pedaling along Amsterdam’s canals. Railing aboard a high-speed TGV that hugs the hypnotizing Mediterranean coast. Such authentic experiences...
Travel advisor

What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

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Monica shares her 5 things she can’t live without! Which are yours?

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